WUC-24: Error reading URL

Question : WUC-24: Error reading URL I have Oracle Application Server 10g Release 10g (9.0.4) running on Windows Server 2003.  I’m connecting to it via a IE browser on my PC to run forms (created and […]

Windows 2003 Server

Problem: short-term packet loss

Problem: short-term packet loss I’m having issues with my network. Machines seem to randomly drop off line for a moment. I have run Intermapper and EtherPeek to view and capture network traffic. Intermapper tells me […]

Microsoft Programming

Problem: OLE Error 80030002

Problem: OLE Error 80030002 I am coding a Program in Borland C++ Builder 5.  I am using ADO Connections, queries, datasets, and command components.  I am initializing the COM Objects with CoInitialize(NULL), but i am […]