Speaktoit For Android Now Allows Users To Teach Their Virtual Assistant Anything

Previously I reviewed the Speaktoit Virtual Assistant. Recently, this app underwent some major improvements including a unique functionality that lets Android users to teach their assistants how to respond and react to any specific command. This feature is available for premium users through a Premium account. This great new feature is likely to resolve (or at least reduce) a common annoyance that users face when mobile voice assistants don’t understand the user’s command. The developers of this application claim that this won’t be an issue for Speaktoit users anymore.

As users can now teach their Speaktoit virtual assistant and even customize the app to understand how the user normally speaks, Speaktoit can end up to become a major player against established virtual assistants like Siri, Google Now and Dragon Mobile. The below image shows how this new virtual assistant training feature works.

Speaktoit For Android Teach Your Virtual Assistant

Using this new feature you can teach your assistant to launch an app or start a function at a specific word (e.g. you can teach the assistant to launch the camera when you say “Cheese”). The new learning ability is apart of a brand new Speaktoit Premium account that’s available for just $2 a month (currently only for Android users). In case you are an iOS or Windows Phone user of Speaktoit, you will be delighted to know that this feature is coming soon for your device as well. Currently, Android users can upgrade to Premium account once they’ve downloaded the free version of the app from Google Play.

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