MS Forefront-ISA

Websense License Count Issue

Question : Websense License Count Issue Hi techies, We have implemented Websense enterprise suite 6.3 as web traffic filtering over ISA 2004 EE in our env. how ever i am facing issue with websense licence count […]

MS Forefront-ISA

Possible Hacker

Question : Possible Hacker Hi guys! I have this IP that is trying to connect to my SQL server…  I’m unable to resolve it.  Who is it, which provider is giving this IP. […]

Microsoft Exchange Server

421.4.3.2 service not available

Question : 421.4.3.2 service not available I have just set up the new small business server 2008 and I have a problem receiving e-mail from external clients but internally we can send e-mail to each other […]

Microsoft Exchange Server


Question : Autodiscover My Office 2007 users cannot use the Autodiscover feature anymore. This is the error I receive when I run the Outlook Autodiscover. Attempting URL found through SCP Autodiscover to starting Autodiscover request completed with http […]

MS SharePoint

What is the function of WSS_WPG?

Question : What is the function of WSS_WPG?  Hi there Does anyone know what function the following local sharepoint groups have? WSS_Admin_WPG WSS_Restricted_WPG WSS_WPG Or does anyone know where I can find a description of them? […]