Add Widgets To Windows 8 Lock Screen With TuneUp IncrediLock

Ever wanted to add a weather widget or stick note on your Windows 8 lock screen? TuneUp IncrediLock is a free Windows 8 application that provides numerous options for customizing the lock screen, including the option to add widgets and change the lock screen image. TuneUp IncrediLock is available at the Windows Store and seems to be in early stage of development. However, it is still good enough to allow you to to add amazing lock screen images from its library and to add beautiful and handy widgets to your lock screen.You can install this app from the link given at the end of this post. In case you are not sure how to add app from the Windows Store, then see this post: How To Install Windows Store Apps From Windows 8 Classic Desktop. After installation you will see an icon for IncrediLock on the Modern Start Screen to launch the app.

Windows 8 Lock Screen Images

400 Beautiful Wallpapers For Your Windows 8 Lock Screen

After launching the app you can select one of the many amazing lock screen wallpaper available from the IncrediLock gallery. When sifting through the available lock screen wallpapers you will not find yourself short of beautiful images, since the app contains 400 beautiful wallpapers, sorted by categories like “Nature”, “Around the Globe”, “Technology”,“City Scene “Animals”, etc. To see the available categories, click on on “TuneUp Lock Screen Pictures”.

Wallpaper Categories

Add Custom Images From Picture Gallery

In case you wish to select images from your personal library, click Activate My Picture Library.

Activate My Picture Library

Add Widgets To Windows 8 Lock Screen

To see the widgets option, simply slide the screen to the right using the scroll bar. The application currently has a limited amount of widgets that can be added to the Windows 8 lock screen. This includes include a sticky notes, weather photo frame and a calendar widget.

Windows 8 Lock Screen With Widget

The below image shows the sticky notes widget that can help you add important notes to your Windows 8 lock screen.

Sticky Notes

After changing the lock screen image and adding a sticky note to my Windows 8 lock screen, this was the final output (see below image) and I must say that I was pretty impressed with the results.

Windows 8 Lock Screen With A Widget

TuneUp IncrediLock Demo By WML Cloud

To see a demo of the TuneUp IncrediLock app, see the video given below. This video is also available on the WML Cloud YouTube channel. How To Add Widgets To Windows 8 Lock Screen

It is worth mentioning here that some of the widgets are currently not functional and it appears that they will become functional after the app is updated in the recent future. More details about “currently” available widgets can be found from the Windows Store link given below.

Download TuneUp IncrediLock