Automatically Get Rid Of Skype Home Window With Kill Skype Home

A few weeks back I covered New Skype Features of Skype 5.5. While the new Skype version provides many useful features such as Facebook integration, it also comes with an annoying Home window. Many Skype users find this window quite frustrating as it pops up automatically when Skype starts. Moreover, it also reduces the utility of the Skype Compact View, since two maximized windows do not allows saving desktop space. Recently, a developer named Andrew Worcester released a handy script to get rid of this annoying Skype window. Kill Skype Home essentially kills the Skype Home window when you switch to Compact View. It also provides additional features which can help you minimize Skype at system startup and to run it in persistent mode.

Home Window

Note: Kill Skype Home works only with Skype Compact View. The Home window will not be removed in the Default view.

Skype Home Window

To kill the Home Window, launch kill Skype Home Window with Skype and it will automatically remove the Skype Home Window when it tries to open itself in compact mode. This will allow you to keep a single window open, to avoid the unwanted Home Window from using extra desktop space.

Compact View

Kill Skype Home works from the system tray.  In case you would like to view the Home window again, simply exit Kill Skype Home. You can also enable minimizing Skype at system startup, run it in persistent mode and enable Kill Skype Home with Windows startup from the system tray menu. Kill Skype Home can be run both before or after Skype starts, in order to kill the Home Window. In case the window does not disappear, switch to Default View and then return to Compact View and it will be gone.

System Tray

Download Kill Skype Home