Download Latest Windows 8 Build [Official And Mirror Links Included]

Update: The new Final Build of Windows 8  is now available. You can download the Latest Windows 8 release version from this link.

The latest Windows 8 Build was unveiled in the recent Windows 8 conference. The conference shed more light on the features of Windows 8 along with the release of a preview build which is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This Windows 8 release is basically designed for Windows application designers and developers to familiarize themselves with Windows 8 development requirements. Having said that, even if you are a lay user, you can also install Windows 8 on a physical or virtual machine by downloading it from the link given at the end of this post.

It is likely that Microsoft will decommission this link shortly,for this reason I have provided alternative mirror links to make sure that WML Cloud readers can download Windows 8 without any hurdles. I will keep my readers posted with the latest Windows 8 updates and features and also update this existing post as more recent builds are officially released by Microsoft.

Metro UI WML Cloud

For now, you can download the official Windows 8 Developer’s Build and stay posted on WML CLOUD for more instructions, tutorials, reviews, etc regarding Windows 8. Enjoy the Metro UI.

Download Windows 8 Developer Build [Offical Microsoft Link]

If the above link gets decommissioned by Microsoft, then you can always use these Mirror links to get your hands on the latest Windows 8 build.

Mirror Links:

Download Windows 8 Mirror Link 1

Download Windows 8 Mirror Link 2