How To Show My Computer And Other Desktop Icons In Windows 8

Windows 8 seems to be more of a tablet oriented operating system which is bound to irritate many Windows users. One of the first issue that one gets entangled in after the installation of Windows 8 is the switch between the Metro UI and the Classic Desktop. Once you have that figured out, there comes the question of how to customize the classic desktop and to find other options. One of the most widely used and convenient Windows desktop options include the display of default icons like My Computer, Network, User Files, Control Panel and the Recycle Bin. While the Recycle Bin is available by default, other icons need to be enabled on the Windows 8 desktop.

Here is the procedure by which you can enable the default Windows 8 desktop icons. The process is the same as it was in Windows 7 and requires accessing the Change Desktop Icons option via “Personalize”. To get started right-click on your Windows 8 desktop and click Personalize.


Once done, click “Change Desktop Icons” from the left hand side of the Window that pops-up. This “Personalization” window is almost the same as you would have seen in your Windows 7 operating system.

Change Desktop icons

Now, simply select the icons that you wish to display on the desktop and click Apply, followed by OK. From here, you can also change icons, restore default icons and allow the themes to change desktop icons.

Show Desktop icons

This will display the selected icons on your Windows 8 desktop. For any other kinds of documents or files, you can create icons by right-clicking on them and selecting “Send to Desktop”. Another easy method can be to drag the document to the desktop while holding the CTRL key on your keyboard.

While it might not be rocket science to display desktop icons in Windows 8, it is definitely going to be a challenge for Microsoft to make users switch from older Windows operating systems to a revamped UI.

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