Run Windows 8 Modern Apps On Classic Desktop With ModernMix

Do you love an app you found on the Windows Store but wish to run it on the classic desktop? Try ModernMix. It is a Windows 8 application by Stardock which enables users to switch your full-screen Metro apps (Modern apps) in windowed mode. In other words, you can run your Metro apps on the classic Windows desktop. This can help you avoid switching between the Windows 8 Metro UI and the classic desktop and allow you to use your favorite Windows Store apps on the same desktop without the need to switch to and from the Windows 8 Start Screen.

Before moving on to the features of ModernMix, it is worth pointing out that this software has been developed by the same developer “Stardock” which previously brought us apps like Decor8 which allows changing the Windows 8 Start Screen Image.


How To Run Modern Apps On The Classic Desktop

All you have to do is to install the ModernMix app and all your Modern applications will automatically be displayed in a separate Window. This can help you avoid running these apps in Full Screen Mode and avoid allowing each app to use up your entire screen. See below images for an example.

Modern App Appearance Before Installing ModernMix

Modern App Before Installing ModernMix

Modern App Appearance After Installing ModernMix

Modern App Appearance After Installing ModerMix

Open Multiple Modern Apps Simultaneously In Separate Windows

You can always switch back to full screen mode, even after the installation of ModernMix app and run multiple Metro apps in separate windows.

Open Multiple Modern Apps in New Window

Pin Modern Apps To Windows 8 TaskBar

You can even Pin Metro apps to Windows 8 taskbar so that they can be easily opened anytime from the classic desktop.

Pin Metro Apps To Windows 8 Taskbar

Video Demo For ModernMix App

For a demonstration regarding the usage of ModerMix, check out the video given below.

For more details about ModernMix and to download this app, see the download link given below.

Download ModernMix