Websense License Count Issue

Question : Websense License Count Issue Hi techies, We have implemented Websense enterprise suite 6.3 as web traffic filtering over ISA 2004 EE in our env. how ever i am facing issue with websense licence count everyday. our company has 500 nos of websense user licence. and problem is when licence count reaches to 500 after that each client connecting will not be filtered by websense. that means 501th client will Continue Reading →

Possible Hacker

Question : Possible Hacker Hi guys! I have this IP that is trying to connect to my SQL server…  I’m unable to resolve it.  Who is it, which provider is giving this IP.  Is there a way to trace that IP? Thanks!   Solution: Possible Hacker Er, are you sure this isn’t just a multicast address?  Some device internal to your network?  229/8 is usually listed as Continue Reading →

421.4.3.2 service not available

Question : 421.4.3.2 service not available I have just set up the new small business server 2008 and I have a problem receiving e-mail from external clients but internally we can send e-mail to each other fine and from a command line-also send e-mail to an internal e-mail box I’m using the standard SMTP port 25 whenever anybody tries from externally they get 421.4.3.2 service not available I have checked my Continue Reading →

Exchange 2007 SCC cluster problem

Question : Exchange 2007 SCC cluster problem Hi, I have exchange 2007 SP1 SCC cluster installed on windows 2008 enterprise edition. Everything is working fine. I have a small issue, when I try to move the cluster from Node1 to Node2 from EMC or EMS, all recourses move except Quorum. The exchange is working fine even when Quorum is in one server and all other recourses in another server. I think Continue Reading →


Question : Autodiscover My Office 2007 users cannot use the Autodiscover feature anymore. This is the error I receive when I run the Outlook Autodiscover. Attempting URL https://mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml found through SCP Autodiscover to https://mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml starting Autodiscover request completed with http status code 404 Autodiscover to https://mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml FAILED (0x80004005) Attempting URL https://myserver.mydomain.com/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml found through SCP Autodiscover to https://myserver.mydomain.com/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml starting Autodiscover request completed with http status code 404 Autodiscover to https://myserver.mydomain.com/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml FAILED (0x80004005) Autodiscover to https://mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml starting Autodiscover internet timeout against URL https://mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml Autodiscover internet timeout against URL https://mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml Continue Reading →

cannot start ccmsetup service error 1053 sccm

Question : cannot start ccmsetup service error 1053 sccm hi, i am having issues with installing clients for sccm through client push. everytime i try to install the client through the sccm console, i recieve the error message ‘cannot start service ccmsetup on ‘machinename’ error 1053′ in the ccm.log file. i have client installation accounts configured that are domain admins,and they can access the \clientadmin$system32 path. in the control panel of Continue Reading →

What is the function of WSS_WPG?

Question : What is the function of WSS_WPG?  Hi there Does anyone know what function the following local sharepoint groups have? WSS_Admin_WPG WSS_Restricted_WPG WSS_WPG Or does anyone know where I can find a description of them? Obviously there is only the administrator account in each of these groups. Solution: What is the function of WSS_WPG? Hi, these are the IIS worker process groups (hence WPG) used by SharePoint. If memory serves, Continue Reading →

How To Restrict Active Directory User Login Duration & Computers In Windows Server 2008 Domain

Many companies employ temporary or part-time employees to supplement work load. Since these individuals have a minor stake in the organization, therefore, they also represent a possible security vulnerability. Even trusted employees in many organizations have led to exposing company secrets and stealing information. A remedy to such a security void is normally to deploy end point security, use proxy servers and apply strict Domain policies. However, to allow an Continue Reading →

How To Change Default Internet Explorer Restrictions In Windows Home Server 2011 [IE Settings]

As Windows Home Server 2011 is based on Windows Server 2008, therefore, it also has the default Internet Explorer restrictions, which are quite frustrating to work with. One has to go through too many prompts which makes browsing almost impossible. Follow the below instructions to get rid of these restrictions.

How To Configure Backup In Windows Home Server 2011 Vail

A new feature of Windows Home Server 2011 is that users can create a backup of the connected computers. This enables saving the backup of a system to the Home Server. Moreover, if the connector software is removed from a PC, users are given the option to backup data from that computer to the Home Server. In this post I will tell you how to configure Backup for computers connected Continue Reading →