Most Amazing Windows 7 Christmas Themes

In the wake of Christmas excitement and splendor, it’s time to decorate your Windows 7 desktop as pretty as a Christmas tree, with the most amazing Windows 7 Christmas themes. Below are four of the most amazing Christmas themes, (including a Windows 7 transformation pack), which will surely brighten up the look of your desktop, in line with Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Theme

A decorated tree, a quiet gift amidst red ribbons, a snowy winter night of Christmas, a Christmas bouquet, a magical Christmas gift and a dancing snow man, this extraordinary Windows 7 theme pack comes with 22 amazing Christmas wallpapers to lighten up your monitor screens.

christmas 19 [vikitech]

christmas 12 [vikitech]

christmas 11 [vikitech]

christmas  [vikitech]

christmas 07 [vikitech]

Download Christmas Theme

Golden Christmas Ball Theme

Sometimes, all that takes to make your desktop elegant is not a range of flashy wallpapers, but rather a beautiful standalone image that says it all. The Golden Christmas Ball Theme delivers a single, yet beautiful wallpaper that brings the joy of the holiday season to your desktop.

goldenchristmas ball

Download Golden Christmas Ball Theme

Christmas House Theme

Everyone decorates a Christmas tree and their houses, to enjoy the festive Christmas spirit. The Christmas House theme bring a peaceful Christmas house to your desktop.

christmas house

Download Christmas House Theme

Christmas Skin Pack

This amazing Christmas skin pack has been developed by Hamed, who previously brought us the Android Skin Pack, iOS Skin Pack, Mango Skin Pack, Zune Skin Pack and Windows 8 Skin Pack. See below images to find out how this amazing skin pack will transform your desktop and give it the Christmas look.

 Start Screen

Boot Screen

Lock Screen

Lock Screen


Desktop 6

Deaktop 2

Desktop 3

Desktop 7

Note: Please bear in mind that such skin packs can be difficult to uninstall and may not be removed by merely using system restore. Before installing the Christmas Skin Pack, make sure that you have created a backup of your computer. Also make sure that UAC (User Account Control) is disabled. For complete uninstallation instructions of this Skin Pack, see my post: How To Uninstall A Windows Transformation Pack Skin.

Download Christmas Skin Pack