Preamplifier/DAC Gato Audio PRD-3 Review

Scandinavian design flair and deliciously seductive sound combine in Gato Audio’s ultra-stylish preamplifier, which looks divine and has a built-in 192kHz/24-bit USB DAC With digital entertainment sources ubiquitous in today’s living rooms, many modern DACs […]

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Xyfi Wi-Fi And 3G Router

A small connection kit As some mobile service providers starts releasing more and more budget 3G data packs, using them at home or office becomes more popular. A 3G modem is apparently a key, Xyfi […]


Amiga – X500 Plus

Sven Harvey looks at a new hobby casing Sven Harvey has been our Amiga specialist for over 12 years, drawing on his vast computing knowledge which its itself the result of 21 years of retailing […]