Microsoft Visio 2013 : Adding Structure to Your Diagrams – Formatting containers

Formatting containers

When you drop a container onto the page, it includes a set of style attributes. You can change a container’s formatting at any time by selecting it and then using the commands on the Format tab of the Container Tools tool tab set. You can use the Style gallery in the Container Styles group to select a different container style. (Be sure to notice the drop-down arrows at the right end of the Container gallery; use them Continue Reading →

Microsoft Visio 2013 : Adding Structure to Your Diagrams – Organizing shapes with containers

Organizing shapes with containers_1

Group shapes are still valuable for many purposes, including holding collections of subshapes that will never change. However, Visio 2013 containers offer numerous advantages for dynamically grouping, moving, and managing a set of related shapes. In this exercise, you will continue working with containers to learn more about their unique properties. NOTE Draw a bounding box around the Branch Office 1 network shapes. On the Insert tab, in the Diagram Parts group, click the Container button, and then click Wire. Continue Reading →

Microsoft Visio 2013 : Adding Structure to Your Diagrams – Comparing containers and groups

Comparing containers and groups_1

You can use either groups or containers to visually connect a set of shapes. However, the two have key behavioral differences that are likely to lead you to use one or the other depending on your needs. In this exercise, you will create both a group and a container, and then you will perform the same set of actions on each in order to examine the differences. Create a colored Continue Reading →

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Free Trial

As we all know, the latest version of Microsoft Office 2013 has now been released and you can download the final build. When downloading the latest build for version 2013, you will come across the trial version of Professional Plus 2013,  which includes all major applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, and MS Lync. To download MS Professional Plus, see the link given at the end of Continue Reading →

How To Save File As PDF Using MS Word 2013

While there are a number of PDF writers like CutePDF and Doro that can easily convert any type of document in PDF format from virtually any Windows application, you can easily convert any Microsoft Word document to PDF format using a built-in option. This feature is available in both MS Word 2013 and 2010.

How To Add A New Account in MS Outlook 2013

Microsoft has recently released the Microsoft Outlook 2013 suite and in a previous posts I covered some tips regarding MS Office 2013 applications, including  the process of connecting a Gmail account With Microsoft Outlook 2013. While adding an initial account is simple enough due to the wizard that displays after Outlook is launched for the first time, adding new accounts can be a bit confusing. Here is a small guide Continue Reading →

How To Connect Gmail Account With Microsoft Outlook 2013 And 2010

Connecting your Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook can have a number of advantages including easier management and integration of your emails and associated Google services. While connecting a email account is pretty simple, people can often get confused due to lack of knowledge of Pop3 and IMAP. In this post I will show you an easy way of connecting your Gmail account to MS Outlook 2013. The same method can Continue Reading →

New Features Of Microsoft Excel 2013


The new version of Microsoft Excel 2013 has been crafted to users get the most professional results. The new version gives more liberty to draw a more comprehensive image of your data for better understanding and explanation of the available information. In previous posts we provided you with the new features of MS Word 2013 and the latest upgrades for MS PowerPoint 2013. This time we will explore the new Continue Reading →

New Features Of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013


The initial version of Microsoft Office 2013 is now available and you can “Download Microsoft Office 2013 Free Trial” to benefit from the revamped user interface, performance enhancements and latest nifty features. With MS Office 2013 you can get the windows 8 treatment and upgrade to the newest version of PowerPoint for making stunning presentations. The user friendly interface and exciting new features can add value to your slides, as Continue Reading →

How To Activate Microsoft Office 2013

Due to the various changes made to the latest MS Office 2013 suite, the activation method has also been slightly altered, as users can now activate their copy of Office 2013 by not only entering a product key but also by logging in with a Microsoft or Organizational account. In a previous post I showed you “How To Get MS 2013 Trial Product Key”, in this post I will show Continue Reading →