50 Handy Applications For Ubuntu & Other Linux Operating Systems

Over the past few months I have covered a number of handy Ubuntu applications that many users might not be aware of. I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of these useful applications for my readers. While I have tried to avoid very common applications like GIMP, ShotWell, TweetDeck, Pidgin, etc, some of you may or may not find the below applications common. I have noticed that apps which may appear generic or common for some users are unheard by others, so I have compiled a list keeping in mind the needs of both of kind of Ubuntu users. Some of these applications might be Ubuntu specific but many also have versions for other Linux operating systems, including RedHat, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, ArchLinux and others. Hope you all enjoy the list and find some useful applications to benefit from. Note: Click the application names hyperlinked in blue to see their review and download links.

1. Turpial (Twitter Client with a minimalist interface).

2. Natural Scrolling (Get Mac OS X “Natural Scrolling” feature in Ubuntu).

Ubuntu Natural Scrolling

3. LiveUSB Install (Easily create Linux live USB, CD/DVD & download ISO images)

Live USB Install

4. MyUnity (Comprehensive Unity tweak for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal and 12.04 Precise Pangolin).


5. QMediaInfo (Get information about media file attributes, including audio files, videos and photos).

QMedia Info

6. Kazam (Create video screencasts with voice over and upload it to YouTube or VideoBin).

Step 8

7. XScreenSaver (Application that provides a set of screensavers. Can be used to replace the blank  Gnome 3 screensaver).


8. Cryptkeeper (Encrypt Folders)

9. Nautilus Terminal (Embedd the Terminal to Nautilus)

Terminal Integration

10. Gnome Tweak Tool (Application for tweaking Gnome 3 settings)


11. Gloobus Preview (Preview any kind of audio, video or code file before opening it).

Preview image

12. Deja Dup Backup (As most you you know this is a file backup application, the reason I have added it to the list is as the link above will provide you with a comprehensive guide on Deja Dup Backup).

Step 1

13. Gnome Pie (Hotkey based application launcher).

Gnome Pie Shortcuts

14. Ubuntu One Indicator (Displays upload and download stats for Ubuntu One).

15. Simple LightDM Manager (Change Ubuntu logon screen background image).

Logon Screen Changed

16. PlexyDesk (Widget based application to bring color to your desktop).


17. Audicious (Lightweight audio player for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions).


18. Touchpad Indicator (Automatically disable touchpad when the mouse is plugged in to your laptop).


19. Gnome Subtitles (Edit, split, merge and create subtitles).


20. GM Notify (Get Gmail notifications using Notify OSD (bubble) messages).


21. Hamster Indicator (Time tracking application to track time spent on numerous tasks).

System Tray

22. HardInfo (Get detailed hardware information about your computer, including processor type, USB device ports, RAM, battery, hard disk, etc).


23. Synapse (Quickly search for videos, audio files, documents, applications, images, etc on your computer).


24. Guake (Tabbled Linux Terminal with hotkey support).


25. CLI Companion ( GUI based Terminal).


26. Screenlets (Wiget packed application containing all kinds of handy desktop gadgets).

Screenlets On Desktop

27. Apt Fast (Command line utility to speed up Apt-Get downloads).

Apt Fast

28. Angry IP Scanner (Scan and locate active/inactive IPs on a network).

Angry IP Scanner

29. Y PPA Manager (Search and Add PPAs easily from the internet, using the application’s name).

YPPA Manager

30. SysPeek (Monitor CPU usage, RAM, hard disk, etc from the app-indicator menu).

System Monitor

31. Gnac (Convert audio files and extract audio from video files).


32. Bleeding Edge  (Install applications not present in default Ubuntu repositories in a click).


33. Slingshot (Get Mac OS X style Launchpad).

Sling shot

34. DockbarX (Highly customizable dock with transparent glass effect).

Glass Look

35. UGet (Download manger).

Ubuntu - VMware Workstation_2011-06-11_12-39-42

36. Puddletag (Tag, edit and auto arrange audio files).


37. Lookit (screenshot taking application).

System Tray

38. Boot Up Manager ( Start, stop Ubuntu services).


39. Nautilus Facebook Uploader (Upload photos and videos to your Facebook account).


40. Back in Time (Backup tool for Linux computers, alternative to Deja Dup Backup).

Back In Time

41. Boot Repair (Fix Ubuntu boot problems).


42. My Weather Indicator (Get weather forecasts).


43. Sunflower (Dual pane file browser).

Sunflower File Manager

44. dmidecode (CLI based tool for obtaining detailed hardware information).

How To Get Ubuntu Hardware Information Including Serial Numbers - Windows Live W_2011-05-29_18-52-36

45. Gmediafinder (Stream YouTube videos without flash).

Ubuntu - VMware Workstation_2011-05-27_16-42-38

46. Cairo Dock (Mac style dock for Linux).

Cairo Dock

47. iptux (LAN Messenger for Linux).


48. Gnome Activity Journal (Find and locate recently downloaded files).


49. LiVES (Advanced video editing application for Linux).

Multi Track Mode

50. Noow (Cross-platform application for streaming and downloading videos, file management, downloading torrents and more).


If you know of a useful application that is not covered at WML Cloud, then leave a comment or email me at admin@wmlcloud.com. You can check for reviewed applications by entering their names in the search box at the top of each page (before tipping me). If you likethis list, please share it with your friends. The sharing buttons are located below.