50 Handy Windows 7 And Windows 8 Applications You Did Not Know About

After compiling a list of 40 Handy Free Application for Mac OS X and 50 Handy Applications for Linux, WML Cloud now brings you a list of some some very useful applications for Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems. While some of these software might also work on Windows Vista and Windows XP, however the main focus of this post is to provide Windows users with a list of useful applications for Windows 8 and Windows 7. To provide something unique to users, I have not mentioned many famous applications. In fact, many of the below mentioned apps are likely to be the ones that you might not have even heard about. To avoid making it hard for readers to grasp the post, I had to exclude some good applications which I hope to mention in a later post. For now the below compilation has been categorized in multiple sections.

Windows 7 and Windows 8

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Gadgets, Tweaks And Task Management Applications

1.  8GadgetPack (Brings Back Windows 7 style gadgets in Windows 8, can also be used for installing custom gadgets).


2. ViStart (Enable Classic Start Menu in Windows 8).

Start menu

3. Disk Falcon (Allows analyzing disk usage in Windows 8. You can also delete unwanted files after disk analysis).

Disk Falcon

4. 4th & Square (Four Square application for Windows 8).

Note:  This tool (unlike others in this list) is not free but costs $1.99 and is available at the Windows Store).

FourSquare App For Windows 8

5. Tiny Windows Borders (Allows to tweak Windows border size in Windows 7 and Windows 8).


6. Skip Metro Suite (Windows 8 application that allows bypassing the Windows 8 Start Screen and disables the Top-Left Switcher, Charms Bar and Hot Corners).


7. Multibar (Windows Dock and shortcut organizer with support for add-ons and search bars).


8. Aero WinShark (Portable Windows 7 tool  that allows changing the taskbar preview size).


9. SageThumbs (Preview pictures and convert them from Windows right-click context menu).

Context Menu

10. Chrometric (Browser for color blind and vision deficient people).


Multimedia Software

11. Nero Kwik Media (Free software to Burn DVDs, with media file management, image editing, video playback and a range of other handy options).


12. VReveal (Edite videos with easy to use options and create Panoramas).

VReveal  Logo

13. VisualSubSync (Fix edit Subtitles and fix errors, with real time preview for videos).

Detach Video

14. Freemake Video Downloader (Capable of downloading videos from thousands of websites).

Context menu

15. Bolide Free Slideshow Creator (Creates High Definition video slideshows by providing simple configuration options).

Add selected photo to movie

16. sPlaylistMaker (Having problem creating playlists in VLC, WMP or iTunes use this tool to create playlists via simple drag and drop functionality).

Media Players

17. Hamster Free Audio Converter (Convert audio files according to mobile device model with Hamster Free Audio Converter).

Add Files

18. Text To WAV (Transcription software to transcribe and save transcriptions in WAV format).

Text To Speech WAV

Connectivity Tools

19. Connectify (Makes you laptop a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect wireless devices by enhancing Wi-Fi signals using your laptop’s Wifi card).

20. Surf Anonymous Free (Allows accessing US only websites by changing your network credentials).

IP Address

21. Hotspot Shield (Free VPN software for accessing location restricted websites and surfing securely).


Image Manipulation And Management Tools

22. Perfect365 (Completely tweak the look of any photo by changing eye color, lifting cheeks, widening the smile and more).


23. Easy Photo Effects (Add stylish photo effects to your pictures in just a single click).


24. Leaf Software (How To Add effects to only the selected parts of an image ).

Original Image

25. DVD Slim (Create and print attractive DVD covers for your collection).


26. InstagramDownloader (Downloads images from Instagram in Windows).

InstaGram Downloader

Social Media And Instant Messaging Applications

27. MetroTwit (Twitter client with  Windows 8 Style Modern (Metro) UI).

28. Echofon (Synchronize and view  your Twitter updates With Windows, Mac OS X and iOS).

Sign in

29. Kill Skype Home (Automatically get rid of Skype Home Window for a cleaner interface).

Home Window

30. Skype Translate (Translate your live chat in Skype to or from other languages, works like a charm).

Skype Translate

System Optimization Tools

31. Jet Clean (Clean junk files, improve PC performance and Internet Connection).

32. CCEnhancer (Adds more than 500 additional cleaning options to the famous system cleaning application, CCleaner.


33. NirLauncher (Recover your lost browser passwords and fix system issues related to PC devices).

All Utilities

Productivity Applications

34. Soda 3D PDF Reader (Allows viewing PDF files by flipping pages like a real book. Also enables creating PDF files from almost any application).

PDF file

35. Doro PDF (Encrypt, password protect and convert your files to PDF format).

PDF File

36. XolidoSign (Easily sign and verify Digital Signatures for any type of document).


37. Transmiti (Translate text from any program into numerous languages. Useful for translating text extracted from word processing, PDF and presentation applications).


38. Dual Swap (Swap your current between dual monitors in a single click).

Dual Swap

39. Mitini (Siri like voice command application for Windows).

Microsoft Stocks

Compression Tools

40. HaoZip Archiver (Alternative to 7Zip & Winrar with features similar to both tools).

Convert Image

41. Bandizip (Compress,extract files and create your own self extracting EXE files).

Context menu

42. PeaZip (Extract, create and convert Compressed file archives from any format across multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux).

Pea Zip

Comic Book Readers

43. GonVisor (Allows viewing  a range of files from different format including comics, E-Books, pictures and compressed archives).

Comic Book

44. QManga  (Free software for opening comic book files from numerous formats such as CBZ and CBR).

The_Dark_Knight.cbz  BatmanTDKR0_000_Introduction

Windows Applications For Kindle And Mobile Devices

45. iPadian (Emulate and run your favorite iPad applications on a Windows computer).


46. Kindle For PC (Read Kindle E-books directly on your PC, without the need for a Kindle device.

Kindle for PC

47. BlueStacks (Run Android applications and Games on a Windows computer).

Blue Stack

48. EPUB to MOBI (Convert EPUB files to Kindle Fire format).


49. Send To Kindle (Send your documents from your Kindle device to your PC).

Send To Kindle

50. K2pdfopt (Optimize your PDF and DJVU Files to make them suitable for viewing on Amazon Kindle and  other mobile devices).


If you know of a good freeware for Windows 7 or Windows 8 that deserves a place in this list, then share it with our readers by leaving a comment below. Also feel free to send in your suggestions regarding how we may be able to make our list posts more convenient for users. Since more list posts for Android and other operating systems will be included in the near future, we would like to make use of reader feedback for making more easily readable list posts.